Standing Up for Fair and Sensible Development for the Good of All

So What's the Issue?

Its two-fold. The Subiaco Council is currently considering

Local Planning Scheme 5 (LPS5)
(Open for public comment)

The new draft LPS5, which contains plans (in Section C - page 37 of the draft scheme) to increase density along BOTH sides of Rokeby Road (from Hamersley Road to Nicholson Road) to Mixed use R80 with a building height of 17m and 5 storeys.
Find out more here at our sister campaign site, Save Subi.

Scheme Amendment 35
(now closed for public comment)

A development application to increase the height of development along the western side of Rokeby Road (from Hamersley Road to Nicholson Road) from 12m to 18.5m and a doubling of the area’s plot ratio. The application is called Scheme Amendment 35, to the City's Town Planning Scheme No. 4 (TPS4). This proposal has come about due to one developer’s greed, with the assistance of the Council.
Scroll down to see what the community did about it
Find out more about the Amendment here.


Either or both plans mean the area’s streetscape and the appealing lifestyle it provides will be gone forever. These high rise plans will ruin the last remaining gateway to Subiaco that has some semblance of its historical identity. Adjacent heritage streets and homes will suffer enormously. Major parking and traffic issues will ensue and neither the Council nor the developer have carried out a Traffic Impact Assessment prior to or since their initiation of the either the Scheme Amendment or the draft LPS5  going through the Public Comment process.

We can't let this prevail. Help us make Council stand up for residents' rights instead of the developers and Save Rokeby South!

Here's What You Need to do on LPS5

Make a Submission

And here's the thing. If you've already done one for the Amendment 35, use it again with some minor tweaking for LPS5. Because both Amendment 35 and Section C of LPS5 are very similar and very wrong for Rokeby South, save yourself precious time and don't reinvent the wheel. If you haven't written a submission for Amendment 35 but want to write one for LPS5's impact on Rokeby South, click here for help.

Sign the Petition

We want to hand Council an even bigger submission than the one we achieved for Rokeby South. Click here to add your name.

We've also got a written petition circulating so if you see a Save Subi petitioner, please give them your autograph 🙂

Join Save Subi

Go to our sister campaign site, Save Subi, that is responding to the overall threat that the proposed LPS5 site represents to the future of the City of Subiaco. Subscribe so you get updates on what's happening and you'll also find lots of info about LPS5 there. Plus a clear map finally!

YOUR Actions Can Make the Difference.


It's up to all of us. This part of Subiaco can either be:

Ruined forever by poor, ad-hoc planning decisions that only serve to line  Developer's coffers
Saved through community action, forcing Council to listen to us and what the residents actually want.

We've picked the latter option. We are working together as a community to preserve, enhance and build on what is already so great about this area!

Here's What You Did on Scheme Amendment 35

You Sent in Over
200 Submissions

What a fantastic effort - you wrote so many submissions, and high quality ones at that, that you forced Council to request an extension from the WAPC till November 2018, so they can prepare their response. Well done!

You Achieved a 2,500+ Signature Petition

We handed to Council one of the biggest petitions they've ever received. And people are STILL signing our online one - if you haven't yet, just click the icon and go for it!

You Created a Positive, Alternative Vision

What a clever, creative group you are. All our collective efforts have resulted in the Save Rokeby South Directions doc, presenting our exciting alternative vision for the creation of a new Rokeby South Precinct!
Check it out here...

Time's Running Out Fast!
Deadline for LPS5 Submissions is 13 July 2018
Get Yours in Today


It's the Height of Greed.

Here's what the Developer of Scheme Amendment 35 wants!

Figure 1a

What the?!?! Take a look at some more pics showing you what is currently allowable versus what the developer wants

So What are We Standing for?


Our Stand is not against development, or appropriate density.
We're simply asking for it to be of a size and scale that isn't detrimental to the area and resident's lives!
Pretty reasonable, huh?


• More Compatible with Adjacent Single Storey Residences
• Appropriate Plot ratio
• 3 storeys with 4th storey in roofspace
• Enhances Streetscape Appeal
• Maintains Human Scale
• Provides Appropriate Density
• Leverages unique position and opportunities



• 5-6 storeys - too high!
• Major Overshadowing
• Major Overlooking
• Incompatible with Area
• Excessive Plot ratio
• Inadequate Setbacks
• NO Traffic Impact Assessment
• Inadequate Parking
• Will Destroy Character
• Loss of Heritage
• Will Destroy Streetscape
• Disproportionate to Street Width
• Loss of Residential Property Value
• Additional Density not required
• NO guarantee of stopping ground floor Large 24/7 Supermarket (Amendment 35)


What People are Saying

"The 'Paris End' of Subiaco is in danger of becoming Stalingrad."


"We are so lucky to have a suburb like Subiaco with all its history, heritage and character. We should be doing everything possible to preserve and maintain its heritage, rather than make foolish decisions to destroy whats so unique about it. I think it would be a travesty to see Rokeby South lose its individuality."


"I love walking the kids to and from school along Rokeby South. Friendly faces, friendly places, trees, blue skies and a mix of heritage and modern architecture of a human scale that all combine to make it such a fantastic place. Let's not lose it!" 


“It’s hard to understand why we want to destroy the very thing that attracts us most to dear Subiaco. The cottages, the quaint laneways, the sense of village even in a bustling location, just to name a few.

By raising the building height we are on the path to turning it into a business park, increasing traffic to laneways and tiny streets off Rokeby Road, devaluing residential property and over shadowing existing homes.

And please, we don’t need more apartments in Subi!”


"Those responsible for Subiaco's town planning and those who are in Council to represent the people of Subiaco need to do the right thing and not just rollover and let Developers do as they wish."


"If Subiaco wishes to get tourists to stop off between Perth CBD, Kings Park and the beaches, we need to preserve and enhance what attractions we have."


"We seem to be rapidly destroying the Subiaconess of Subiaco - the very essence of why it is such a highly valued area. Rokeby South is a beautiful example of our built heritage and high rise in this precinct would completely change the ambience. Resist the urge to make it taller!"


“It appears the Council’s original ‘vision’ for Rokeby Road South has now been revised to more accurately reflect the Chippers Development proposal, that the former Council’s own properly convened review panel previously rejected unanimously.”


"First the markets go and now this."


"I want Subiaco to retain its Urban Village character and regain the vibrancy that attracted us here."


"Older character homes should not be adjacent to tall buildings and offices which will ruin and spoil this area of Subiaco where families reside!"


"The existing zoning allows for future development in keeping with the popular ambience of the area and with consideration for the adjacent residences. The City has taken great care to create and nurture this attractive street for locals and visitors. The proposed increase in height will ruin this."


"This is an inappropriate area for buildings of this scale."


"As a long term ratepayer, I believe the council should be actively making certain that the amenities and characteristics of Subiaco - those things that have our school filled and our character homes selling well, should be well protected. I do not believe this is the best plan."


"If the Council want to turn what is now the most vibrant end of Rokeby Road into a ghost town like the other end of town, this is the way to do it."


"I have lived in Subiaco since I was a child and I want my grandchildren to enjoy the heritage and traditional character of Subiaco and am totally against the huge development on the Chippers site. The existing planning heights are OK - to increase them to allow for up to 6 levels is madness."


"I am a concerned resident that values the character and charm of Rokeby South."


"The scale of this proposal is outrageously large. It will overshadow existing dwellings and erase the charm of south Rokeby road forever."


"The rules should not be dictated by a developer we need a comprehensive holistic approach to rejuvenating Subiaco."


"The current zoning for the southern end of Rokeby Road is sufficient. Why spoil something that is working beautifully?"


"The north end of Subiaco is high rise, high density, around the shops, entertainment and transport hub - great! The south end is different - lets keep it that way. Variety of spaces and life styles is good."