The Save Rokeby South
Community Vision

From the very start, the Save Rokeby South campaign made it clear that it was NOT against development, but that it was standing up for 'Fair and Sensible Development for the Good of ALL', not just developers or business. We believe development in this area has an integral role to play and a responsibility to bring all facets of the community together for benefit, not just for those who stand to make money out of it.

But we haven't just talked, we've acted as well and worked as a community to create a positive alternative to the selfish and poorly conceived development. The Save Rokeby South  Community Vision document "Directions" was created by a dedicated group of dozens of ratepayers, residents and business owners, to lead by example in showing just how much potential the area has for development, in the right way, to create long lasting vibrancy that benefits all.

We want a quality solution, not more ad-hoc planning decisions and our aim is for the Directions document can help shape that future.

We're so excited by the potential contained in this document that is a true representation of the community's wishes for the area. We'd love your feedback on it once you've had a look!

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