Making a Submission

"Aaaarghh!!!" We hear you say in unison. I don't know how to write a submission! I don't think I can do it. What is a submission, even? How do I start? What should I say? Surely it won't matter if I don't do one, will it?

Actually, it will. Submissions, can take the form of simply a couple of bullet points right up to extensive letters and complex reports. They are the main thing Council and the especially the Planning Department (who prepare the reports for Council to vote on) will consider in their deliberation on whether to reject Scheme Amendment #35 or not. If they don't get very many, well, that can easily sway the outcome. So let's bombard their Inboxes and send a clear message of what we want them to do.

We've made it easy and quick for you

 The pen is mightier than the sword as the saying goes, so put the kettle on, switch your mobile to silent for a half hour and grab your bestest pen or trusty tablet because we are here to help. You'll find everything you need quickly and easily to write an A-Grade submission right here!

Below are loads of suggestions covering all different sorts of aspects that you can choose from to include in your submission. When you're putting yours together, its important to remember:

1. ALWAYS keep the tone of your submission respectful and objective.

2. Keep to the FACTS. We know its an emotional issue for many (oh, how we know!), but that isn't what this should be about. Things like property values, emotional ties to certain buildings etc are not within the scope of issues that will be considered relevant by the planning department.

3. Instead, focus on relevant planning issues to the area in question such as Streescape, Heritage, Character, Setbacks, Heights, Scale, Bulk,Traffic issues, Parking issues, Oversight etc - you'll find points that you can refer to and adapt below in the toggle menu

4. REMEMBER, anyone can send in a submission. You dont have to live in the area, or even in Subiaco. If you're a regular visitor to the area or you're just horrified by the thought of a West Perth scenario infiltrating this picturesque part of Subiaco, your submission is as welcome as anyones.

5. MOST IMPORTANT! Keep a copy of your submission and send one to us as well. Send a copy to the Mayor and all Councillors too so they have the chance to read your submission for themselves along with the report that the Planning Dept will provide them. Planning reports are devoid of any emotion and this issue is just as much about people's lives and wellbeing as it is about good planning. Councillors need to read YOUR words. Click here to get all the email addresses you need.

Interesting Fact!

Did you know you can send in more than one submission? Its true! Okay, okay, we won't get ahead of ourselves, let's just get on with the first one...

Preparing Your Submission on LPS5

There are three ways that you can send a submission to Council:

1. Write or type one and either hand it in to Council or Post it to the
Chief Executive Officer, City of Subiaco, PO Box 270, Subiaco WA 6904.
remember, keep a copy for yourself, send a copy to each Councillor and send a copy to us.

2. Email your submission to the Council. Send it to Dont forget to cc us and the other Councillors in too

3. Complete an online submission via the City's community engagement hub. Again, make sure you keep the copy you are automatically sent, and then forward that copy to the Mayor, all Councillors and us. Click here to get all the email addresses you need.


How to Structure your Submission

• Start with your name and address and the name of the Scheme which is "Draft Local Planning Scheme No 5 and Draft Local Planning Strategy"

• Address the submission to Chief Executive Officer, Don Burnett

• Detail the property or properties that will be affected or impacted by the LPS5 if appropriate

• Say that you object to the plans for Rokeby South in LPS5 and make it clear that you want the plan REJECTED and that it is not in the community’s best interests.

• Describe in one or two paragraphs what you love about this area. Be passionate, use your own words, eg. has a great community feel, family friendly, the area invites you to linger, the village feel, beautiful streetscape, single storey neighbourhood, great cafes, shops, services and bars, tree canopy etc.;

• Describe how you feel the place would change as a result of LPS5. Again, be passionate - you may wish to use words such as souless, sterile, bland, high buildings totally out of keeping with neighbourhood which cannot be softened by setbacks;

• Then cite your individual concerns relating to LPS5 by picking relevant points from toggle menu below. These notes provide possible concerns that you may wish to use in your submission. 

• Provide a positive vision that you would like for Rokeby South. We've got one already, so you can refer to that!


Important Note to Residents!

If you live on Campbell or Duke Streets, or the section of Hamersley, Heytesbury or Nicholson Road closest to Rokeby Road, make sure you include aspects that are particular to your situation such as overlooking, heritage or conservation street, overshadowing, privacy, loss of sun on your solar panels (if you have them or are planning to) etc. Submissions received from the people who live closest to the development area will apparently have a higher weighting in the Council's decision making. For those living further out, there's plenty more to choose from below...

Points you can Include in your Submission

Thank you for Making a Submission!

And good on you for taking the time to stand up and protect the place that you and we love. Now that you're inspired, you're wondering what else you can do to help Save Rokeby South, right? 😉
If so, click below and let us know. We'd love to welcome you to our team.