The Rokeby South Precinct Plan

On July 24th, 2018, Save Rokeby South secured a significant achievement in the fight against ad-hoc, lazy or selfish planning decisions. Yaaar! The Council finally agreed to undertake detailed precinct planning for Rokeby South as a means to respond to both Scheme Amendment 35 and LPS5. It was great to read the article covering the victory in the Post Newspapers - a positive headline to be celebrated!


Now for the next stage - Creating the Plan

The City of Subiaco has commissioned Hassell Design Studio to undertake precinct planning for Rokeby Road South. The project will include an Urban Design Forum in late November 2018, involving community members, businesses and landowners, who will be, according to the Council, 'of varying demographics and interests'.

The scope will be to define a future development vision, identify opportunities, test design ideas and prepare a preferred urban design framework for Rokeby Road South.The outcomes of the Urban Design Forum will be translated into a formal planning instrument known as a Local Development Plan (LDP). This document will include guidelines for new development, such as setbacks, building heights and plot ratio, and will then be advertised for public comment prior to consideration by Council.

This work on the plan will also inform the draft Rokeby Road South Streetscape Masterplan which will be advertised at the same time. Earlier this year, the Council sought to advertise and move ahead with this streetscape plan independently of knowing what on earth would be happening with the built form. Through repeated advocacy, we were able to convince the Council to realise that this would be another ad-hoc planning decision on their part and instead, that they should pause this action so that the Precinct Plan could first be done, to inform and potentially refine the Streetscape Plan, in order to achieve a holistic vision for the future of Rokeby Road South. This was another important achievement by the SRS team to ensure that future streetscape upgrades and development projects work together to best enhance the amenity of Rokeby South.

In all of this, we will be working hard to make sure the Community Vision Document 'Directions' will be well represented in the outcomes, and we will need the community's support to ensure this happens. After all, this already represents the legitimate vision of the community - so a significant amount of work has already been done!

Want more info?

For more information about this project on the Council website click here.  If you have any queries about the process, please contact Oscar Thomson, City of Subiaco Planning Officer on 9237 9270.