The Rokeby South Precinct
Community Vision

The most excellent thing to come out of this debacle beset on residents is that we have rallied together to not only oppose the destruction of this precious area, but put forward a positive alternative instead, Yay!

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Rokeby Road South "Directions" Community Vision Doc


This vision document provides the basis for a whole precinct approach to the Rokeby South area. It contains the framework to develop Rokeby South with recognition of amenity, streetscape, character, social, environmental, commercial and residential needs. 

It is the first document to take a visionary approach to the area and recognises its unique position and character, and the leverage and opportunities this provides for development and enhancement, for the benefit of all.

It should be used by the Council and the WAPC to provide guidelines for planners and developers to deliver a built environment and overall outcome that that recognises the economic, social, and cultural values of the area.

The vision represents the legitimate view of the community who have come together via, submissions, a visioning workshop and a great deal of discussion.

It is a very exciting and positive result of all the work done on the Save Rokeby South campaign, and on behalf of the large community it represents, Save Rokeby South is very proud to launch this document as a positive model for what can be achieved instead in the face of ad-hoc planning.

We'd Love your Feedback on our Vision!

Please let us know what you think of the vision we have for the creation of a Rokeby South Precinct. 

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